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Aquamarine Gemstone: Stone for Tranquility & Energy

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Aquamarine Stone is a light blue gemstone, that sparks like it’s shimmering from the ocean sea in the summertime. This beautiful gemstone is the birthstone for the month of March. Aquamarine is also the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine GemStone Benefits

When you want tranquility and need calming energy, Aquamarine is the gemstone for you. It has a long history as a soothing stone. Rumor has it that ancient sailors carried aquamarine stones with them to ward off dangers from the sea. When turbulent waters hammer against a ship, grasping onto an aquamarine stone offers comfort.

This stone is about calm, peace, soothing the soul. When you seek relaxation and serenity, aquamarine is the gemstone to wear.

Aquamarine Gemstone History

Aquamarine was discovered in Brazil and is the most abundant place for finding aquamarine stones. Aquamarine stones aren’t limited to Brazil, they can be found in Russia and Vietnam. Just in case you don’t get an opportunity to visit there, you can always find Aquamarine stones in California.

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Ascendancy of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is from beryl which is a colorless beryllium aluminum silicate. The iron gives rise to the greenish-blue color of aquamarine, simulating the color of the ocean. Add some heat, and Aquamarines becomes a clearer blue color that adds appeal to modern jewelry.

It is a hard stone, making it ideal for wear on a daily basis. It is often used as a center stone in cocktail rings, because it is hard, and can endure daily wear without chipping or breaking.

When you need calm and serenity, and seek a ring to wear regularly, that glimmers and shines, that can be worn in winter, spring, or summertime, it’s time to turn towards aquamarine.

Aquamarine Ring

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