14k Gold Cufflinks 1925 Diamond and Sapphire

The Jewelry Markings: Hidden Truth



Coral has been viewed as a mysterious gemstone, gifted with spiritual, energetic powers.

1970's bracelet

1970’s jewelry

Here's the skinny on 1970's jewelry... Whether you were leaving your pad and heading to the disco, or calling your friend via cb radio, the jewelry worn during the 1970's…

1960s Boho Hippie Jewelry

1950s jewelry

1940s Vintage Jewelry

30s rhinestone necklace set in brass

Depression Era Jewelry: The 1930s

Rhinestone crystal earrings pierced costume jewelry found at grandmas jewelry at ebay store.

What is Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

10K gold bracelet with 8 diamonds and 8 amethyst gemstones

The Gemstones For Birthdays

This is a list of birthstones and birthdays. What gemstones are for what birthdays?

A Shopping Trip Back in Time: Visiting Vintage Jewelers in Providence

Hobe rhinestone earrings vintage "Jewels of Legendary Splendor"

Hobe Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

The real fortune for the Hobe Jewelry Company was made in America. Some say Hobe' coined the term "costume jewelry". Hobe made beautiful costume jewelry for the stars.

Micro Mosaic Jewelry: It’s not as easy as 1,2,3