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One of the oldest gems to be mined was turquoise. Turquoise was mined by the ancient Egyptians over 6000 years ago. The finest turquoise in the world is mined in Iran. The Aztecs used turquoise in Mosaic work, dating back thousands of years.

Today, turquoise is often mined and transformed into jewelry in the southwestern states. The native Americans frequently sculpt turquoise into silver jewelry.

Turquoise contains iron and copper. The sky-blue color of turquoise is the most desirable and is caused by the copper, that is a part of its chemical composition.

The green colored turquoise is caused by the iron in the gemstone.

Turquoise is a very desirable gemstone in jewelry. The light blue or sky blue color of turquoise is the most desirable. The native Americans are known for skilled use of turquoise in jewelry.

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