Antique & Vintage Brooches Sets To Buy

The category of brooches and pins are often overlapped or looked at as the same. However, these are two very distinctive fashion pieces that are noted for both their functional and decorative effects. The history of brooches was that it was used for utilitarian purposes – as a clasp or fastener for clothing and other […]


Micro Mosaic Jewelry

One of the greatest bargains in Jewelry is micro mosaic jewelry, because of the painstaking and time intensive process of crafting these jewelry pieces. They are fine works of art design, and craftsmanship. Usually, they are crafted into brooches and bracelets. Micro mosaic jewelry first began in Italy in the late 1700’s, and the highest […]



Tammy Stoner Pinkerton The Egyptians had pyramids, the Chinese placed waterfalls, and everybody knows that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.Throughout the beginning of time, cultures have had symbols of luck directing good or bad fortune.  The rabbits foot brings fertility. The foot works when it is the left […]