Dating Antique Pins

Look at the back of the pin to date it. In the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, fabric for women’s clothing was heavier than it is today. Pins and brooches had clasps that extended beyond the pin. This was needed to attach the pin onto the fabric, so that it would stay in place. Pins that extend beyond the edge of the pin are a way to date the pin to the last century. The other method that you can use to date a pin is to look for C clasps. C clasps are open, they do not open and close, the way modern pins do. 


I have been buying and selling vintage and antique jewelry for about 7 years. Mostly on ebay. I like unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelry and prefer old over new. Vintage jewelry is a little like me, not so easy to fit in a box.
I have a masters degree in social work and practiced for 15 years in an outpatient community mental health center. . I have innovated a couple of products. Own rental property and managed it for years. I have bought and sold a variety of products in my life time, and currently my focus is on vintage Jewelery. I suppose it's easier then sitting home knitting a sweater.

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