How to Rock the 70s Jewelry Trends

If there’s one thing you need to learn about fashion, it’s that style trends come back. Over the past couple of years, the 70s and 80s style trends are all over the fashion world, as people cannot get enough of flowy dresses, colorful prints, crocheted tops, denims, neons, flares, and 70s jewelry fashion. As a matter of fact, 70s jewelry designs made their appearance in the runways of the summer/spring 2021 fashion month. 

The 70s and 80s are the decades of carefree living; freedom and revolution were the common themes in both music and lifestyle. You can see these in their fashion style, which is known for relaxed fit clothes, mid to high-waist jeans and trousers, and bold cuts and colors. However, you can never complete the look without the 70s jewelry fashion. 

How to Style 70s Jewelry Fashion

Need tips to rock the 70s jewelry trend? These are some styling tips for you.

Know the materials of the past

People in the 70s wanted big and bold gemstones that make an outfit pop. Some of the more popular gemstones include turquoise, lapis lazuli, and malachite. These stones were not only bold and bright, they were also relatively cheap.

Gold continued its popularity from the 60s all the way to the 70s and 80s. The gold tone looks great fabulous with autumnal colors like brown, orange, etc., which dominated the interior colors of the decade. Also, gold was not as expensive back then as compared today.

Silver was quite popular too, since they are super versatile and cheaper than gold.

Nothing screams 70s and 80s era louder than the Puka shells. The uneven sizes and appearance of puka beads on anklets, bracelets, and necklaces revolutionized the era of fashion in that time period, as it is quite a deviation from the usual gemstones and precious metals normally used for jewelry.

People in the 70s look for authenticity and rawness, that is why natural stones were quite popular, especially those with different colors and textures. Other popular 70s jewelry materials include bones, wood, ivory, and even feathers.

Quick and easy tips to rock that 70s jewelry fashion today

1. Bold, loud, and over-the-top was the name of the game in the 70s, and you can get that using big and sparkling pieces to accessories your look. Stick to one or two accessories. Never put everything all at once, or it will only look excessive. Cocktail rings, large statement necklaces, dramatic earrings were a thing in the past, but they may not look well together nowadays. You can of course, pick one or two statement pieces to spice up your outfit. 

2. You cannot go wrong with a bohemian style long dangling earrings for daily casual look. 

3. Think of cohesiveness when accessorizing with 70s jewelry. Know which complements your modern clothes well and which doesn’t. Sometimes a contrasting piece is good though, but make sure it’s not excessive. 

4. For layer necklaces, choose thinner chains or tiny beads for a minimalist look. 

The iconic jewelries of the 70s to expand your collection

Here are some 70s jewelry fashion trends that are coming back today.

Earrings: the bigger, the better

Danglings earrings

The disco style was huge in the 70s, and the “bigger is better” theme couldn’t be any more prevalent with the earrings worn at the time. Long dangling earrings were a huge hit; they were loud, sparkly, and fabulous. The good thing about dangling earrings is they are light and made with cheap materials.

Hoop earrings

Hippie style earrings made with natural materials were also quite popular, particularly large hoop earrings. They were also light and made with cheap materials, but they come in vibrant colors. Some of them were really gigantic and they almost touched the shoulders. 


Large sculpted studs were a craze in the 70s, and many jewelers have brought this back today. You can opt for the flashy glitzy ball pinball earrings or the eye-catching enamels. If you want to add a little sparkle to your look, you can choose blown glass earrings. 

Puset earrings

Made with yellow or white gold and embellished with diamonds, Puset earrings scream luxury. Some cheaper versions are made with silver studded with semi-precious stones like topaz. Even cheaper were metals with transparent crystals. 

jewelry fashion in the 70s

Necklaces: huge, eye-catching, flashy necklaces

Choker necklaces

Being true to the loud and bold theme, faux pearls were a staple in the 70s. Women loved their chokers and long strand pearls necklaces that were styled in multi-layers.

Layering necklaces

Layering necklaces was also quite popular, and it is quite common to see women wearing several differently-styled necklaces in layers. Chunky chains were the popular choice, both long and short. 

Love beads

Another popular hippie accessory was the handmade love beads. Worn around the neck by both men and women, love beads can be one or multiple strings. These necklaces can also turn as bracelets. 

Bracelets: wide and large statement pieces


The wide and thick bangles of the 70s come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They look luxurious with their gold and silver-plated metals.

Friendship bracelets

Symbolizing true friendships, friendship bracelets were mostly handmade and come in various patterns and designs. They were popular among teenagers.

Love bracelets

The chic and stylish love bracelets were probably the most popular 70s jewelry fashion trend. Popular luxury brands like Aldo Cipullo and Cartier made iconic love bracelets. Cartier for example, made dashing and classy bracelets, while Aldo Cipullo brought back the chunky medieval style. 

Bone Cuff

Another revolutionary piece in the world of jewelry and fashion accessories is the bone cuff. This jewelry style broke the norm of fine jewelry. They were made by sculpting metal and came in vivid colors. They had a lean outline and had no embellishments or stones. 

ID bracelets

Engraving the name of loved ones on jewelry was so popular in the 70s and 80s. They were even made popular in America when the loved ones of fallen soldiers of the Korean or Vietnam War had their jewelry engraved their names in their jewelry.

Ankle bracelets

These were really popular summer accessories, especially for women on the beach. 


Their large and somewhat distorted appearance was quite a hit in this era. Women loved to pair their brooches with glittering gemstones or classic pearls. Since they were quite expensive, many people buy just one or two brooches for all occasions. 

70s style jewelry fashion ideas

Rings: over-the-top

Mood rings

Sparkly and over-the-top were the name of the game in the 70s, and one style of ring that made this quite popular is the mood rings. The different colors were supposed to show the mood of the wearer, and there were lots of really cool and trendy mood rings out there that are quite popular today. 

Cocktail rings

The big and flashy cocktail rings were worn both in formal and informal occasions and settings. Today, they are popular runways and night out accessories. 

Bring out that bold and carefree glam in you with these 70s jewelry fashion picks. 

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