Tigers Eye Gemstone: Courage

Tigers Eye Gemstone: You would expect a tin man to need a heart, and a scarecrow a brain, but it’s surprising to learn that a lion wants courage. A lion is big and burly and evokes fear in many. The lion in the Wizard of Oz begins as a bully, but when Dorothy smacks him on the nose, his vulnerability appears.

Author: Tammy S. Pinkerton

Dorothy and the Lion

“My what a big fuss you’re making.” “When you go around picking on things weaker than you are.” “Why you are nothing but a big coward, says Dorothy. The lion responds crying, “You’re right. I am a coward. I even scare myself”.

“Look at the circles under my eyes. I haven’t slept in weeks.” The tin man asks, why don’t you try counting sheep? That wouldn’t do me any good, I am afraid of them”.

Tiger’s Eye was another solution

What if Dorothy had looked the lion right in the eye and said “here put on this tiger’s eye necklace” Tigers Eye will give you all the courage that you need to make this journey along this yellow brick road.

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Tiger’s Eye Colors

Tigers Eye Gemstone even matches the colors of the yellow brick road. Some browns and yellows make it shine.  Too bad, it never occurred to Dorothy to give the lion a tiger’s eye necklace, or bracelet, or even a pin. The journey would have been much smoother, much easier to begin.

Tigers Eye Promotes Inner Strength

Tigers eye is known to develop and promote inner strength. It’s the stone to wear when you are afraid to begin. It’s the gemstone to wear when you need courage.

After the long journey along the yellow brick road,  the lion is ready to tackle the demons, inside the castle, and accept bravery from Oz, as if it is going to be packaged in a box.

Tigers Eye Evokes Bravery

The story could have been packaged so differently, so much easier, than traveling through a winding, seemingly endless, yellow brick road. A brown and yellow gemstone, found from the ground, worn around the neck, or hugging the wrist, would have done the trick. But No, they decided to take the longest most turbulent dangerous method to reach Oz, where they spent days terrified, they wouldn’t survive, fearing for their lives.

Tigers Eye is called the evil eye. Tiger’s eye can ward off the evil spirits standing in the way. The evil witch of the West, the bats flying overhead, all would have been pushed out of the way with the simplicity of the Tiger’s eye gemstone.

 Tigers Eye Gemstones is the gemstone to wear when you need to be brave, when you need inner strength.

Yes, the journey could have been so very different with a tigers eye gemstone, by the lions side.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone and Ancient Civilizations

In ancient civilizations, soldiers and warriors found answers in the ground and brought tiger’s eye gemstones into battle to break through obstacles.

The ancient warriors knew Tigers Eye would shift focus, give them inner strength, and evoke bravery to ward off evil forces standing in the way.

Dorothy and the lion were born in the Hollywood era. When the belief was that the man behind the curtain would bring the answers to fear and uncertainty. The moment, they finally reached the man behind the curtain. They were surprised to discover he was a fraud and appalled. When he tried to float up and out, dismissing the journey they had made.

Oz gave the lion a medal. He should have given him the tigers eye gemstone instead.

Yes, the story would have been so different had the lion sought the answers from nature’s treasures, hidden in the land. Then again, we wouldn’t have been entertained.

The Tigers Eye Gemstone is one of nature’s solutions for developing courage. You can find this vintage jewelry piece here at grandmas jewelry store.

Tigers Eye Gemstone

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