Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a beautiful blue stone, dating back to ancient days. The Egyptians wore it to tap into spiritual wisdom, and you can too. Lapis, a birthstone for December, is a stone designed to help you hone into the third eye, to increase spiritual awareness and understand truth. The gold pyrite often found in Lapis, is called fools gold and is a sign of good luck. When you need a bit of both, Lapis Lazuli, is the gemstone to hold close to you. Usually oval shaped, lapis is frequently found in rings and necklaces. Afghanistan is the place that lapis is often found. Lapis Gemstones with a purple tint are the rarest Lapis stones of them all. Lapis in ancient days was considered a source for healing sick people. The gold pyrite was often crushed and consumed as food. I don’t suggest you eat the lapis, but if you need a bit of good luck, and some inner wisdom, Lapis is the stone to wear.

To see other lapis jewelry, click here.


I have been buying and selling vintage and antique jewelry for about 7 years. Mostly on ebay. I like unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelry and prefer old over new. Vintage jewelry is a little like me, not so easy to fit in a box.
I have a masters degree in social work and practiced for 15 years in an outpatient community mental health center. . I have innovated a couple of products. Own rental property and managed it for years. I have bought and sold a variety of products in my life time, and currently my focus is on vintage Jewelery. I suppose it's easier then sitting home knitting a sweater.

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